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Gyansagar means "Gyan ka Sagar" i.e. Ocean of Knowledge . To his devotees in particular an and community and the country jn general, Aacharya Gyan Sagar Ji is the living embodiment of flowing Ocean of Knowledge. Some times it is asked why Aacharya Shree organizes all these SAMMELANS i.e. Doctors' Sammelan, Scientists' Sammelan, Jain Bankers' Sammelan, Engineers' Sammelan etc? How the general people are benefited by these sammelans.

We all know that now a days people are not having enough time to devote to their young children. Although their number is few, yet there is no gainsaying the fact that some youngsters in Jain Samaj are even eating Non Vegeterian food, consuming Alcohol & acquiring other bad habits. Aacharya Shree, through these sammelans, brings the educated elders & young people together at one platform and apprises them with the basic tenets of Jain Dharm / Society so that they understand the right path and leave these bad habits. Efforts of Aacharya Shree have succeeded in his mission to a great extent & He has brought together these elite members of Jain Community i.e. Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Scientists, Jain Bankers and / or Engineers and joined them with the " mukhya dhara" of Jain Samaj.

In this connection he guided all Jain Bankers to come at one platform. First Sammelan of Jain Bankers was held in Agra in 2002 at Regional level under the leadership of Shri A.K. Raparia and all Jain Bankers of nearby area attended this programme.

In September 2010 this sammelan was organized at Bangalore, Karnataka, when Aacharya Shree was VIRAJMAN there, under the leadership of Shri K.K. Jain, then DGM (now retired) of State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur. Shri Surendra Hegde younger brother of Shri Virendra Hegde was the Chief Guest of this programme. Jain Bankers from Karnataka State & nearby areas participated in large numbers in this programme. At this occasion Shri K.K. Jain published a directory of Jain Bankers of Karnataka State & it's 'VIMOCHAN' was done by Bhattarak Swami Shree Charu Kirti Ji. In Karnataka most of the Jain people do not write Jain against their surname. Therefore identifying Jain Bankers was not an easy task but by the joint efforts of Shri K.K. Jain's team, they were able to bring most of the Jain Bankers from Karnataka State at one Platform.

In 2013 Aacharya Shree came to Delhi after a long period of 8 years and his chaturmas was held at Bahubali Enclave. When we got His Darshan, at the time of VARTA with Aacharya Shree, he told us regarding the Jain Bankers sammelans held till date. It was his desire that Jain Bankers Sammelan should be organized at National level. We assured Aacharya Shree that we will make best efforts in this regard.

With the God's grace and Aacharya Shree's blessings, we succeeded in our efforts. We gathered the names of more than 5000 Jain Bankers from different parts of country and on 27th October 2013 we organized 1st All India Jain Bankers Sammelan at Bahubali Enclave, Delhi under the Param Sanidhya of Aacharya Shree. Its Chief Guest was the Chairman & CMD of Syndicate Bank. Large number of Jain Bankers from top level to lower level, from different parts of country participated in this programme.

Thereafter this sammelan is being organized every year under Param Sanidhya of Acharya Shree. In 2014 this programme was held at Balbeer Nagar, Delhi & it's Chief Guest was Shri Mukesh Jain, Executive Director of Punjab & Sindh Bank and Shri Anurag Jain, Joint Secretary of Finance Ministry, Govt of India. In 2015 this programme was held at SONAGIR TIRTH CHETRA and it's Chief Guest was Shri R.C. Lodha, Executive Director, Central Bank of India. In 2016 this programme was held at Gyan Sthali, Morena & it's Chief Guest was Shri Aadish Jain, Director of Corporation BANK. In 2017 this programme was held at VAHELNA ATISHAYA CHETRA and it's Chief Guest was Shri Mukesh Jain, Chairman & CMD of Oriental Bank of Commerce.

All these Sammelens were organized at the place where Aacharya Gyan Sagar Ji Maharaj was observing his Chaturmas so that the participants have the benefit of his param sanidhya. Jain Bankers from different parts of the Country, from top level to all levels, participated in these sammelans.

Now the big question is " WHAT WE GOT BY THESE SAMMELANS". Achievements from these sammelans were as under:
• First of all we were able to bring all Jain Bankers at all levels (top to bottom)l from different parts of country at one platform.
• Jain Bankers are solving each others' day to day problems through e.mail or whatsapp.
• In 2010 Jain Bankers' Directory of Karnataka State was published with the great efforts of Shri K.K.Jain, DGM, SBBJ who was posted at Bangalore at that time.
• In 2013 we published Jain Directory of more than 5200 Jain Bankers from different part of Country & from different banks.
• By establishing this forum, not only Jain Bankers but Jain businessmen/ students were also able to solve their financial problems through the intervention of Jain Bankers.
• Last year i.e. in the last of 2017, one Jain big businessman who was at the stage of Insolvency. Their loan portfolio was restructured by the intervention of one of the top Jain Banker & they were able to survive.
• As declared in the Sammelan of October 2013, we started and registered a Trust on 1st January 2014 under the name of "TIRTHANKAR AADINATH EDUCATIONAL TRUST" at Vaishali, Ghaziabad with the "aashirwad" of Aacharya Shree. The name of the trust was also suggested by Aacharya Shree. We give financial help to Jain Students of Lower Income Group Jain families by way of Refundable/ Non Refundable Scholarship. Jain students from all part of country are considered.

   » We are pleased to advise that we have sanctioned more than Rs.35.00 lacs to Jain Students during this short period of 04 years.
   » We take undernoted undertakings from all Jain Students in the application form:
      »  We will use only vegetarian food
      »  We will never use any type of alcohol.
      »  We will do one NAVKAR MANTRA JAAP daily

• We have organized All India Jain Bankers Forum's undernoted units in different part of country:
   » AGRA
   » ETAH
   » KOTA

• Unternoted units of All India Jain Bankers are under consideration for formation shortly:
   » BELGAON etc.

• Under the leadership of Shri A.K. Raparia & Shri Awani Jain, Agra Unit is organizing meetings of local Jain residents & some time of general public, at least at monthly intervals. They solve banking related problems of general public through these meetings. At the time of demonetization, they organized meetings of General Public for use of Digital Banking and/or Cash less banking i.e. Mobile Banking, use of Debit/Credit Cards or different apps (PAYTM/ SBI BUDDY etc.)
• We formed a Central Committee of All India Jain Bankers Forum in the 2016 in the Sammelan at Morena with the "aashirwad" of Aacharya Shree and under the Param Sanidhya of Aacharya Shree. Jain bankers from different parts of the country and from different units were included in this committee.
• Shri K.K. Jain, Rastriya President of the forum, arranged Sammed Shikar Yatra for a group of 60 Jain old People from Udaipur. He told that he will arrange such yatras in future also.
• Our Gurgaon Unit is also organizing meetings of the unit at least at quarterly intervals under the leadership of Shri S.P. Jain, Retd. AGM, SBI.
• Our Kota Unit is also very active and organizing meetings at least at bi-monthly intervals under the leadership of Shri P.C. Jain and Shri R.K. Jain. Recently in the month of April 2018, they organized a meeting of general public and solved the banking related problems on the spot.
• "Jain Job Dete Hain, Lete Nahi" Under this philosophy, we are trying to help technically qualified young persons to start their profession after completion of Professional Education. We will form an expert team of Jain Bankers/ Professionals who will help these young in preparing their project reports.
• We all know that "JAINS" are included under "MINORITY" by the Government. To apprise the community of various benefits accruing to them as a result of classification as religious minority, we call Shri Sandeep Jain, Dy. Secretary, National Commission of Minority Educational Institutions, Govt of India in our all Sammelans and in our Aadinath Educational Trust's Annual functions. He dwells at length on the various scholarships, interest subsidies available to Jains and on the establishment of Minority Educational Institutions.
• "Green India, Pollution Free India" Under this slogan, we are trying to choose high ways near our Tirth Chhetra for tree plantation. Responsibility for upkeep and growth of trees will be given to the local people.

• We have started a website of All India Jain Bankers Forum under the name www.aijbforum.org in which undernoted pages are included:
   » Details of Forum
   » Details of Central Committee & Units
   » Tirthankar Aadinath Educational Trust details
   » Facilities available to Jains under Minority Status & different forms.
   » Photographs of different occasions.
   » Contact Us

We all know that more than 30000 Jain Bank Officials / Employees are working in different banks in India. We are hopeful that we would be able to bring all of them at one platform and will try to give the message of Aacharya Shree "VYASAN MUKT SAMAJ, NASHA MUKT SAMAJ". We are also trying to publish 2nd edition of Jain Bankers Directory shortly for which we have collected names of more than 7200 Jain Bankers.